The Best Downtown Miami Dining: Wynwood

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The restaurant and bar scene in Miami has always been intriguing, but more recently, it has grown dramatically more dynamic. Well-known, neon-infused dance clubs trace the shoreline, while a growing assortment of chic eateries and cocktail bars continue to sprout up and bolster an already vibrant scene in Wynwood. And this is where our focus lies today—on the Wynwood District and some of our favorite destinations from its burgeoning culinary and cocktail culture. With so many impressive Wynwood homes for sale, the robust atmosphere surrounding them begs to be explored.

Bardot  |  3456 North Miami Avenue

Bardot is an intimate and lively bar and music venue with a throwback feel, bright colors, and massive couches framing cocktail tables, creating a grittily elegant aesthetic. The space regularly hosts local bands and DJs, and, thanks to its intimate size, it’s a great place to see a show: there isn’t a bad seat—or place to stand—in the house. And, furthermore, they don’t allow any photography, which means you can actually watch the proceedings without peering through a wall of phones and selfies-in-the-making. Check their calendar for upcoming performances.


Beaker & Gray  |  2637 North Miami Avenue

Beaker & Gray is a cocktail bar and restaurant that truly succeeds in both realms. The design is modern yet rustic and creates an impeccably relaxed and sophisticated ambiance. The cocktails are flavorful and meticulously prepared, and the food is more inventive than typical bar fare. Try the pumpkin gnocchi with a Sazerac to wash it down.


Wynwood Kitchen & Bar  |  2550 Northwest 2nd Avenue

If there is a space more colorful and expressive in all of Miami, we’ve yet to see it. The walls of the Wynwood Kitchen & Bar are sheathed in art from a cadre of renowned artists, including Shepard Fairey, who rose to fame after designing President Obama’s iconic HOPE poster. Their courtyard space is set amid the stunning Wynwood Walls, an outdoor park featuring captivating street art. If the place only functioned as an art gallery, it would be quite impressive, but when you add in their massive wine and craft beer selections, their complex signature cocktails, and their fresh and inventive dinner options, Wynwood Kitchen & Bar becomes a certified gem. Try the artichoke and feta fondue dip and a flamingo cocktail—a fusion of gin, Aperol, and cucumber.

Brick  |  187 Northwest 28th Street

Built within a house from the 1920s, with its exterior painted a luminous yellow and sky blue, Brick exudes truckloads of charm. And, with 11 taps and over 35 craft beers available, the place is a hops enthusiast’s temple. There’s a great backyard patio that nearly always features a local band or DJ, and in addition to the beer, the bar stocks an impressive array of small-batch whiskeys. The bartenders know how to craft a cocktail, and the bar food-centric menu is top-notch. Try their grilled cheese with jalapeno relish and their penicillin cocktail.


Alter  |  223 Northwest 23rd Street

In little over a year, Alter has become one of Miami’s most acclaimed restaurants. Chef Brad Kilgore has crafted a diverse menu that will amaze paleo worshippers and vegans alike. The space is sleekly unpretentious, with concrete walls, abstract neon lighting, and visible ducts lining the ceiling—all in keeping with Kilgore’s food, which is innovative and wildly unique but not stuffy. It’s impossible to recommend a single dish here because everything from the shaved cobia to the mahi cassoulet is one-of-a-kind and delicious. For a special meal, Alter is the place. But be sure to take advantage of the opportunity while you can. Alter’s and Kilgore’s profiles continue to rise; in a few months, getting a table may be next to impossible.

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