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An Introduction to Cuban Coffee

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Real estate developers in Miami know that in order for a local residence to have any sort of geographical clout, it helps for it to be located within easy reach of great coffee—Cuban coffee, to be precise. Hardly anyone drinks American drip coffee in Miami, the U.S. hotspot for café Cubano or cafecito, a Cuban-style espresso drink that was born …

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Loft Decor

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The Sky’s the Limit: Making the Most of Loft Space Loft apartments are a quintessentially urban aspect of 21st-century living. Many lofts have been carved out of former industrial buildings like factories and warehouses originally built for large-scale enterprises.  Newer lofts constructed with residences in mind are replete with the latest in luxury fixtures and finishes. Whether vintage or contemporary, …

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Great Home Goods

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Whether you’ve lived in your apartment for a few days or a few years, some thoughtfully selected pieces of furniture and objets d’art can help you transform it into a place you can call “home.” With luxury NYC real estate, the detailing starts with the architects and ends with you. In order to elevate your gorgeous abode into the realm …

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