Loft Decor

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The Sky’s the Limit: Making the Most of Loft Space

Loft apartments are a quintessentially urban aspect of 21st-century living. Many lofts have been carved out of former industrial buildings like factories and warehouses originally built for large-scale enterprises.  Newer lofts constructed with residences in mind are replete with the latest in luxury fixtures and finishes. Whether vintage or contemporary, most loft apartments allow for endless possibilities when it comes to decorating and furnishing one’s home. With ingenuity and a pinch of inspiration, your loft can be turned into ideal and enviable quarters for living, working, relaxing, sleeping, and even working out. Here are some tips on making the absolute most of your loft space.

The color white

While unfinished, post-industrial loft space may start out in need of a little TLC, it certainly doesn’t need to stay that way. It’s no coincidence, then, that many interior designers opt for white or other bright colors on the walls of a loft, since these shades can lend a light and airy feeling and really open up a space. Mirrors work wonders, too, by adding roominess without costing you another square foot of real estate as they reflect any available light and subtly alter perceptions of a room’s dimensions.

Windows and skylights

Getting a new window installed in your loft apartment is a bit of a bigger job that will require more than just an afternoon, but if you feel your space is in need of additional light, it’s well worth considering going for larger windows. More glass means more light and, while you’re at it, you can select a window design more befitting to your overall aesthetic. Window installation will require an expert, and possibly planning permission, but the results have the potential to transform your space into something altogether elevated. Don’t be discouraged if wall windows aren’t an option, however. For top-floor dwellers, skylights can also provide more light, better air circulation, and the novel opportunity to gaze upward into infinity from the comfort of your own home.

Use those beams

Many loft spaces are endowed with big, beautiful ceiling beams, and the savviest of designers use these to great effect. By far the best way to do this is to leave the wood exposed in its natural state, possibly with a light varnish. Such treatment can make a bold statement, which is why lofts often have the most character of all the different types of urban dwellings. Accentuate those architectural details even more by complementing them with furniture crafted from the same, or similar, materials, like reclaimed woods or cast iron. Of course, you can always paint exposed beams, but leaving them in their original condition lets a bit of the building’s unique history shine through.

Think outside the box

Loft spaces are infinitely versatile and can be adapted to suit almost any domestic configuration. Many include areas that can serve multiple functions as both a bedroom and an office, for example, or a kitchen combined with a living room. Your imagination and your lifestyle needs are the key drivers when it comes to envisaging and decorating your loft space. Find inspiration by checking out what others have done with their loft spaces, and then research creative and well-designed solutions for converting your space into a gym, a library, a bar, or an artist’s studio. With a little planning and ingenuity, your loft could even become all of these things at once.

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