Global Local: Miami’s Most Eclectic Boutiques

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Miami is not only a fashion and design center, but a beachside city that combines cosmopolitan connections with its own distinctive style. Bazbaz Development is known for its luxury real estate developments, perfectly in sync with the Miami lifestyle thriving at the intersection of local charm and global reach. The city is dotted with boutiques that combine Miami’s flare with the latest trends on international runways and in the design world—for a look not found anywhere else. Here are five of the best:


Touch Dolls Boutique | 7231 Biscayne Boulevard

At Touch Dolls Boutique, you will find contemporary fashion with a distinctive Miami twist, such as the Kimmy Jade mididress, a body-hugging, off-the-shoulder, midlength dress perfect for a night on the town, or the Golden Palms pants set for an elegant spin on “beachside disco queen.” With celebrity-inspired items such as the Rihanna Creeper platform sneakers in pink suede, paired with a white lace choker to complete the look, there is no better place in the city to channel the spirit of Miami style from day to night.


Fly Boutique | 7235 Biscayne Boulevard

Named a “hidden consignment gem” by Zagat’s reviewers, Fly Boutique is the place to find anything from a 1960s Emilio Pucci pink and orange maxidress to vintage pieces reworked by hand into inspired retro-meets-modern, one-of-a-kind inventions by co-owner Jean Marie. Between the racks of vintage bags, shoes, jumpsuits, and dresses from the likes of Chanel, Missoni, and Gucci, you will find puckered velvet couches and 1950s lamps, all of which capture the heart of Miami— past, present, and future.


Blush Boutique |1935 West Avenue

Blush Boutique has a network of stores in the Miami area, including shops in South Miami, Brickell, Palmetto Bay, Miami Beach, and Pinecrest—and it’s no wonder, as the shop is the perfect place to pick out playful rompers, off-the-shoulder tops, and minidresses. Pay a visit to try on some of their eclectic selections, and you might catch a staff member decked out in pink feathers and a gold lame one-piece, capturing all that is fun-loving, chic, and sexy about living (and playing) in Miami.


Alchemist | 140 Northeast 39th Street

At Alchemist’s latest outpost in Miami’s Palm Court Design District, owners Erika and Roma Cohen have assembled inspired creations by avant-garde jewelry designers like Abraxas Rex and Lydia Courteille. The jewelry is displayed in a space described by The New York Times T Magazine as  “a rose-gold facade with a wraparound glass wall and marble interior, located just across from Buckminster Fuller’s ‘Fly’s Eye’ dome.” It’s a fitting location for a shop that features bracelets and rings by the late and great architect Zaha Hadid.


Respice | 5760 Sunset Drive

Respice is a boutique on Sunset Drive that Racked characterizes as “less retail space, more curated collection of artisan products from across the globe scattered on unfinished floors, wooden shelves, and reclaimed stadium chairs.” The store specializes in unique brands from new designers whose work is never mass-produced, and husband and wife store owners Alejandro Orestano and Gisela Balassa portray Respice as a place that “sells stories.” If you add any of their elegant and unique items, such as the pair of Gabriela Artigas “infinite tusk” earrings in rose gold, to your collection, you’ll be ready to make a Miami story of your own.


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