Funkshion Swim Week: Highlights


Funkshion: Fashion Week Miami Beach concluded its Swim Week on July 20th, and the four-day swimwear festival was as vibrant and effervescent as it has ever been. As in past years, every fashion production during Swim Week was accompanied by either a DJ or a band. And, also as in past years, every event surrounding Funkshion seemed to represent a creative mixture of visual and audible expression designed to capture the feeling of enjoying the sun and surf of South Florida.

Funkshion attracts top designers from around the world to come to Miami Beach and showcase their summer lines. And what better place to do so? Miami is the undisputed resortwear capital of the US, if not the world. This year brought a cadre of well-known designers including Liliana Montoya, Mara Hoffman, Acacia, Sinesia Karol, Luli Fama, Robb & Lulu, Maaji, and others. In addition to the established designers showcasing their work, Funkshion also hosted its fourth annual Emerging Designer Series, which is set up as a competition that awards winners a free runway show during Funkshion Swim Week. As usual, this showcase of emerging designers proved to be one of the most exciting shows of the week thanks to the unpredictability that makes it so unique and compelling.

“Rhapsody Road,” a show by the Colombian label Maaji, represented another highlight of the week. The theme of the show, a road trip covering the varied terrains that blanket our sphere, took viewers on an adventure of sorts through deserts and rivers and, of course, beaches.

One expects a good portion of the shows during Swim Week to be colorful and vivid—but the way in which color is used often determines whether a line is a hit or a miss. Maaji’s inspired 2016 line, for example, had an array of blues, grays, pinks, greens, and yellows that all seemed to echo the shapes and colors of the natural world that inspired them.

Liliana Montoya impressed once again with her new line, as each of her designs seemed primed for a Miami beach right off the runway. Bright pastels, psychedelic prints, Swarovski crystals, and stunning patterns were seen from this designer, while varied textures and an almost architectural symmetry were present in nearly every one of her latest looks. Also hailing from Columbia, Montoya has demonstrated a deft hand when it comes to bridging the gap between quintessential Latin flair and classic American style.

Of course, these are just a few of the highlights from this year’s Funkshion Swim Week, as every year seems to outdo the last. Luckily, Funkshion offers tri-annual events occurring every October, March, and July, so even after one ends, another is right around the corner. As luxury real estate developers in Miami continue to expand The Magic City further into the clouds, Funkshion Swim Week appears primed to grow along with it.