Four Fabulous Venues for a Manhattan Soirée


Overwhelmed by the sheer volume of glamorous venues in New York City? If you’re planning a special event, the options may be endless, but there are some true gems that should garner a second look. These places have character, history, top-notch food and drink…in other words, all the qualities you’ll need to host a memorable gathering in high style.


Gallow Green at The McKittrick Hotel | 542 West 27th Street

The ingenious hospitality developers behind Gallow Green created a space that feels like a garden on a sprawling estate in the country rather than just another fancy Manhattan bar. Perched at the top of the McKittrick Hotel (home of the smash off-Broadway play Sleep No More), Gallow Green features creeping vines and flowers that wrap around wooden archways as well as salvaged railroad tracks underfoot, all of which lend the place an air of recovered antiquity. Plants adorn nearly every inch that’s unoccupied by a table, and the rooftop heights offer up dramatic views of the High Line and the Hudson. As people walk off the manned elevator on the top floor of the McKittrick and into Gallow Green for the first time, their eyes widen to take in the enchanting expanse of the place. The cocktails are skillfully prepared here, the food is excellent, and the unique atmosphere is an experience your guests will not soon forget.


The Campbell Apartment | Grand Central Terminal, 15 Vanderbilt Avenue

Nestled in the southwest corner of Grand Central Station, the Campbell Apartment is one of those hidden Manhattan gems that make you glad to know there are still a few secrets to be uncovered in the Big Apple. Originally the private office of financial tycoon John W. Campbell, the sprawling space was refurbished in 1999 and re-opened as a high-end cocktail bar. Entering the Campbell Apartment makes one feel as though they’re stepping into the era of phonographs and speakeasies. The aesthetics and detail in its decor are rich and atmospheric, with deep tones accenting plush sofas and glowing stained glass windows adding a sense of mystery. As for a hidden bar, it’s actually quite spacious and able to comfortably hold 125 people, perfect for a celebration that feels like a brief escape from the 21st century.


The Rainbow Room | 30 Rockefeller Plaza

The famed Rainbow Room has been a New York City legend for over eighty years for good reason. Everything about the experience from the food and service to the atmosphere and entertainment are superb, and the Rainbow Room’s expansive views of Manhattan are considered truly spectacular, even by the most seasoned New Yorkers. You won’t find a more storied location either, with the large, elegant space occupying the 65th floor of 30 Rockefeller Center. The Rainbow Room has a certain cachet that is nearly unrivaled in the city—if you can swing it, it’s tough to beat. Did we mention the revolving dance floor?


The Penthouse, Hotel on Rivington | 107 Rivington Street

Another rooftop selection, The Penthouse at Hotel on Rivington has a large triplex set-up with a 1,000-square-foot roof deck. Floor-to-ceiling windows frame the space, providing breathtaking views of downtown Manhattan. The glow from the city below naturally illuminates The Penthouse and adds a certain level of majesty to any affair hosted here. The size of the roof deck allows guests to step outside and enjoy some fresh air while peering down at the bustling Lower East Side and beyond. The Penthouse is large enough for a comfortable 50-person sit-down dinner or a 250-person cocktail party. Every inch is elegant and luxurious, making this a special place that’s perfect for unique, highly memorable events.

 Image Courtesy of Istock member © ozgurdonmaz