Cocktail Trends of Miami

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Millions visit Miami each year and fall under the spell cast by its combination of perfect weather, warm waters, and white-hot nightlife. Both longtime residents and those considering a luxury Miami condo for sale already know that whether it is under the bright Florida sun or aglow with neon lights, South Beach pulsates with an intoxicating rhythm. The Wynwood homes for sale afford you countless opportunities to enjoy the shopping, dining, arts, and bar culture of Miami.


A new generation of Miami mixologists is handcrafting libations with fresh ingredients and exciting spins on old favorites. While Cuba libres, mojitos, and daiquiris are often thought to be the only warm-weather drink options, fashionistas, in-the-know beachgoers, and hip scenesters are embracing newer cocktail trends.


Here are some to explore the next time you’re out:


Twists on the Moscow Mule

Kicking off the country’s vodka craze 75 years ago, the Moscow mule is the poster child for America’s current cocktail renaissance, with bartenders and after-work drinking enthusiasts mixing them up in ice-cold copper mugs. The traditional mule comprises vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer, but Miami has placed its tropical mark on this Arctic-sounding drink. At KYU Miami, mixologists stick to the usual recipe but then add a surprise finish: smoked pineapple syrup.


Asian-Inspired Cocktails

While Miami is associated with Cuba and Latin America, new cocktails are subverting the equatorial vibe of the city and reaching to other cultures for inspiration. As Jenny Schleiger, food and beverage director of local hot-spot Nautilus says, “Asian ingredients in cocktails have become a trend because the flavors are balanced and light, allowing guests to enjoy them with various types of dishes.” And she’s right. Seaspice’s yellow tail, a pisco-based concoction with basil and chili, is a complement to any freshly caught fish from the Atlantic.


Frozen Cocktails

Sipping a slushy, frozen drink in the heat while trying to avoid “brain freeze” is a childhood treat, and Miami bars bring this memory of childhood to your present adult reality—with a higher alcohol percentage. Forgo the cloying coladas and get hip to these modern, icy drinks. The Rum Line has a dark and stormy that will cool you off and make you order another one.


Grown-Up Popsicles

Another glacial trend that’s sweeping Miami like a nor’easter is the addition of drink ingredients in popsicle form. At The Bar at LvL 25, order a glass of champagne spiked with a frozen sword of guava and jalapeño syrup.


Residents of the condos at the Bazbaz development will no doubt be able to add many more favorite cocktails to this list in the coming years.



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