Best Wineries in New York


In recent years, New York State has emerged as a serious player in the competitive world of making wine. Global wine hotspots are familiar territory: Sonoma, Bordeaux, even parts of New Zealand and Australia. But numerous wineries in Eastern Long Island and Upstate New York have gained significant acclaim over the years from grape enthusiasts with highly discerning palates. As of 2015, New York is home to more than 300 wineries of varying sizes, and luxury hospitality developers, restaurateurs, and wine-savvy New Yorkers fond of trips upstate and “out east” have all taken note. Here are a few of our favorites:

Macari Vineyards | Mattituck, NY

Macari has become one of the more well-known wineries in Eastern Long Island, recently racking up numerous prestigious awards—including being named 2014 New York State Winery of the Year. After a visit to their vineyard, you’ll agree such acclaim is warranted. The atmosphere is decidedly rustic-meets-modern at Macari, where tastings and events are housed in a large wood cabin. The space has an earthy feel like a tasting room in a vineyard should, but it also contains sleek, minimalist elements. And while this combination creates an impressive aesthetic, the wine that’s produced here is what visitors come from all over to experience. The full-bodied 2010 Cabernet Franc, named Best Red of New York State in 2014 at the New York Wine & Food Classic, is fruit forward with a robust flavor that subtly lingers on the palate. The vineyard’s 2013 Katherine Field Sauvignon Blanc, which received a rating of “exceptional” from Wine & Spirits magazine, is light and crisp with citrus undertones and an undeniably refreshing end note. While it’s hard to go wrong with any selection from Macari Vineyards, some other delicious wines to note are the Bergen Road, the Dos Aguas, and the No.1 Sauvignon Blanc.

Shinn Estate Vineyards | Mattituck, NY

Shinn is a hidden gem of an estate winery tucked away in Mattituck. In 2010, after installing a solar and wind power system, Shinn became the first East Coast winery to be entirely powered by alternative energy, and every aspect of their operation takes sustainability into account. Situated on 20 acres, the property consists of outdoor and indoor tasting areas and an impossibly charming bed and breakfast. Named a top wine destination by Fodor’s as well as Food & Wine and Bon Appétit magazines, Shinn Estate is appropriately centered around its star, grape-centric attraction. Their 2014 Coalescence, a refined blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, and Riesling, pleases with citrus and a subtle amount of sweetness that serves to keep the overall taste light and crisp. And their Wild Boar Doe, a blend that is intensely flavorful and full-bodied, features notes of cherry and a lasting finish. Atmosphere, quality, and innovation have brought this small winery significant and well-deserved praise.

Ravines Wine Cellars | Geneva, NY

With a tasting room that overlooks Seneca Lake, a decidedly traditional French aesthetic, and an array of wonderfully flavorful wines, Ravines Wine Cellars is one of Upstate New York’s true wine havens. Named one of the World’s Top 100 Wineries by Wine Spectator magazine, Ravines produces wines of such high quality that its name is well known not only within the vineyard’s bucolic region, but far beyond. The overall feel at Ravines is rustic and Old World, as seemingly every surface is covered in wood and creaks in a familiar, comforting way. The space itself feels like one of unfettered wine worship, which it deserves to be. The vineyard’s 2013 Cabernet Franc, one their best, serves up a unique mixture of light, fruity notes with darker spiced elements. And their 2013 Gewürztraminer, while also light and fruity, is distinctly refreshing with its delightfully forceful bouquet of aromas.

Spring Lake Winery at Varallo Vineyards | Lockport, NY

Another Finger Lakes destination, Spring Lake Winery is set on 78 acres of rolling hills and sprawling vineyards that wind around a serene, spring-fed lake. An idyllic destination on a beautiful day, Spring Lake Winery provides a fitting venue for enjoying fine wine. The specialty here is Riesling, and their 2009 award-winning Estate Riesling is one of their best with its sweet, fruity undertones and light, robust finish. The Spring Lake Chardonnay is also noteworthy for its overall smoothness followed by a crisp finish.

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